SPT SD-9241SS Energy Star Portable Dishwasher Review

There are many dishwashers on the market, but the SPT SD-9241SS Energy Star portable dishwasher is one of a kind that will help you have an easy time in your kitchen when washing utensils. It will save you the headache of having to hook up your dishwasher next to your sink every night because it has been designed to install right next to your sink. It works just like a built-in model, with the only difference being the counter space on top, casters on the bottom, cement weight in the rear, a power plug, as well as additional attachments.

You are not going to take long before you learn how to use this dishwasher perfectly well. This is because it features controls that are very easy to operate. Even a child or an elderly person can use it with absolute ease. There is a time delay feature that lets you program it so that it can operate whenever you like in a 24 hour period. It has also an error alarm that will display any fault codes, a Rinse Aid Warning indicator, as well as a refill reminder that helps to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

An interesting thing to note about the SPT SD-9241SS portable dishwasher is that there is no pre-rinse required when using it. It is also very economical when it comes to the amount of water used, so you will not need to worry about your water bill going high – it only uses 3.65 gallons of water per cycle. The water is usually heated up to 154 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can be sure that your utensils will be sparkly clean when using it. And the fact that it is on casters means that you can easily roll it away from the sink if you want to create more space in your kitchen.

This dishwasher is sizable enough to hold a fair amount of dishes at once. One of the reasons why you may decide to buy a dishwasher is because you want to make sure that the process of washing dishes in your kitchen in accelerated. The SPT SD-9241SS does exactly that because it can hold a good number of utensils at the same time. It can fit two to three pots comfortably without blocking the two spray arms. You do not need to rinse the dishes before loading them. They will come out nice and clean.

Another thing that you will like about this SPT SD-9241SS Energy Star portable dishwasher is its quiet operation. You will are not going to disturb other people in your house by using it because it runs very quietly. People can go on with watching television or studying without feeling irritated by noise when you are using the dishwasher. It also does not have unpleasant odor inside. But in case it happens to develop, you can put a cup of white vinegar in the top rack to dispel it. You will also like the fact that it does not consume a lot of electricity because it is Energy Star rated.


When you decide to buy appliance for use at your home, it is wise to consider them carefully before the actual purchase, because they should serve you for a long time. If you are intending to buy a dishwasher for instance, you are supposed to consider the SPT Countertop SD-2201W brand which has proven to be a durable and worth of its price. It is great since it makes your dish washing duty much easier. Due to its size, it fits perfectly even in small kitchens and kitchen cabinets. It is not too heavy, since it is about 48 pounds. Thus it can be owned by people who live in both small and large rooms, without worrying about the space it occupies.

Other than saving your time in dishwashing, it also saves plenty time during the installation process, which is very easy. You can opt to connect it to any of the kitchen faucets, or connect I permanently. Both ways are convenient to you and effective. It is a free standing dishwasher, thus can be moved from one point to another to suite your needs. Has an appealing white color and made of a stainless material which makes it more durable. The design is just great for a dishwasher of this kind.

It heats the water on itself to a maximum of 148 degrees Celsius, and you can also regulate it to cold or warm water. The detergent you require for the dishes is just a little amount, and the dishes will be perfectly cleaned. Since the dishwasher also needs to be cleaned, it is easy to do so both inside and outside. Unlike other dishwashers which are not used to clean knives, it is possible to clean them using this model. With only six wash cycles, your dishes are completely cleaned, whether they are heavy, light, plastic, metallic or glasses. It contains a dish rack and a silverware baskets for the dishes safety.

The in-built hose pipes free you from the need of a plumbing process to install pipes. The door is made possible to control from the front without the necessity of a handle. If you are worried about the energy consumption, it has a very efficient one that will hardly lead to a significant increase in electricity bill. Besides it runs quietly during the dishwashing, which is a very unique feature of it. In fact you may be tempted to open the door to confirm that it is actually running.

In addition, SPT Countertop SD-2201W has a catch filter that filters the leftovers from the plates and spoons, hence no need to pre-clean the utensils before cleaning them in the dishwasher. If you did not know, you can clean small pots in it, as long as they fit in it. This washer is the perfect match if you are searching for a small sized dishwasher, to only clean a few utensils. You should consider getting this great dishwasher because it is affordable and also worth the price by all means.